Emotional Intelligence

Virtual and Live Training for Teams

Have you ever worked with someone who is technically proficient, but lacking EI skills? Maybe it's the too blunt and tactlessness CTO that drives customers away. Or the supervisor who give feedback in a way that leaves her reports feeling demoralized and harboring to a "why try" attitude. Perhaps the business partner who torches relationships you've worked so hard to build.

Strong organizations need leaders and employees who are self-aware, and can manage themselves. It should be a minimum requirement to be able to handle social situations, and communicate in a way that preserves relationships.

Using COREMAP™ and virtual or in-person trainings that integrate with your company's values and direction, let's provide your team with crucial skills like:

  • self-awareness

  • resolving conflict

  • knowing how to have empathy and to skillfully use it

  • valuing the diversity of people, their personalities, and the gifts they bring

  • knowing how to communicate with people who are different from you

  • assertiveness instead of aggressiveness, passivity

  • recognizing and countering self-defeating drama games

  • setting good, healthy, empowering boundaries

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