personality profile …when you need to know what’s below the surface


Know your potential hires.

Look, every hiring manager has been there. You trusted your gut. Someone did really well in the interview, but disappointed you once your hired them. Maybe you were seduced by their charm, or overly impressed by how they looked on paper. Then, they turned out to be disasters under pressure. Or maybe they were fantastic in another department, but when you promoted them onto your team, they created aggravation and conflict.

What if you could see past a person’s outer appearance, past their LinkedIn profile, past their words, and into their emotional intelligence, behavior patterns and inner motivations?

I want you to trust your gut! But give it valid and reliable data as well.

Let's create a personalized strategy for using the COREMAP™ profile as a tool in the interview process, as a benchmark for promoting key employees, or a framework to create the most effective teams.


Know yourself.

In order to get to your career destination, you have to know where you’re starting. Otherwise, you have no idea how to get there.

Let’s work together in a COREMAP™ coached session that will give you insight well beyond traditional personality profiles. Gain clarity to cut through your blind spots. Take a breath of fresh air as you embrace your true self. Gain immediately usable tools, and create a roadmap towards your future.


photo credit: with gratitude to Owen Beard on Unsplash