Powerful leaders know EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE gives their organization the competitive edge.

Smart leaders know that business success depends on quality people. Build a RESILIENT team, and they can not only handle uncertainty, they can thrive. Purposely create a HEALTHY culture, and your people can focus more on fulfilling the mission, and less on dealing with drama.

I help leaders create a RESILIENT and HEALTHY team culture with virtual and in-person emotional intelligence coaching and training.

Patti is an incredibly talented, natural coach. Her values-centered focus challenged me to think beyond just the company’s direction, and focus more on the deeply important topics of what we do and why we do it each day. She directed purposeful workshops and 1:1 sessions with leadership in the company. We identified strengths, personality tendencies and communication styles that have harnessed better collaboration, project management & efficiencies in working together.

Patti is truly one-of-a-kind, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a deeply passionate, broadly experienced and intuitive coach for their business and/or leadership development.
— Deanna Naylor - CEO Regen

Be powerful. Build powerful teams.


How well do you manage yourself in churning conditions? How well do you communicate with employees and peers under stress? Do you know your strengths? Do you know how others perceive you? Do you know your blind spots?

Organizations are like families. If the "parents" are strong and have healthy emotional intelligence skills, the family thrives. If the parents are unskilled, the family struggles,  trying to compensate.

This creates stress, drama, inefficiencies. It erodes trust, damages relationships, and costs time and money. 

Powerful leaders invest in emotional intelligence coaching for themselves because they know the success of the organization mirrors the health of the leadership.

When success really matters, then fine-tune your emotional intelligence skills. This lets you lead by example, and model your organization's culture.

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It is so much easier to start with the right players than it is to undo a bad choice. 

The price for partnering with the wrong co-owner, senior team member or executive admin can be anything from aggravation to thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars lost.

Interviews and standard personality profiles can only tell you so much.

Some people answer all the questions well, but you don't really know how they cope in the real world until it's too late.

So, when the results really matter, smart leaders look for ways to see what typical personality profiles can’t.

Here's where the COREMAP™Personality Profile comes in. Use it as a part of your strategy to hire people who align to your mission, complement and strengthen the team,  operate well under stress, and are on a strong personal development track


Most organizations do a pretty good job at providing technical training. But are your teams trained in the crucial people skills that make a difference

Maybe your employees are:

  • healthcare workers you don't want to get burned out;

  • retail workers who need to deal with demanding customers;

  • up-and-coming employees who are full of potential, but not as developed as you'd like;

  • or managers who don't know how to best navigate conflict.

Savvy leaders invest in training the "soft skills" that make strong teams.  Live and virtual trainings in communication and connecting with others, boundaries, conflict management, assertivenessconfidence, and motivation can boost your teams' emotional intelligence as it allows you to create a resilient culture.

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What happens when a high-tech R&D Director follows her passion into becoming a family therapist for a decade, and then marries all that experience with an entrepreneurial spirit? You get a savvy professional coach who knows what it takes to create confidence, courage and clarity for leaders and their teams...from the inside out.

Meet Patti Villalobos, an Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Coach.

You see, emotional intelligence builds resilience. It isn’t something you just hope your people have; it's something you purposely cultivate and build into the character of your company before you're inevitably challenged.

She can help you:

  • remove any blocks to your ability to competently, courageously and confidently lead

  • navigate tricky career transitions without losing your sense of self or selling out to what's important to you

  • speak your truth, stand in your power, hold your boundaries while still being your authentic self

  • train yourself and your team in emotional intelligence, communication, conflict management and team motivation skills so you're ready to compete in today's global reality

  • strengthen the foundations of resilience: perseverance, grit, social skills, courage and tapping into a higher meaning

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