Looking for beta testers!

For a Course About Setting Boundaries CONFIDENTLY

In it, you'll:

  • Master boundary setting so you can ask for what you need and guard what's precious to you
  • Prioritize boundary problem areas - stop overwhelming yourself!
  • Practice easy wins in a supportive environment before tackling the hard stuff
  • Motivate yourself to follow through enforcing limits <<-- the KEY to good boundaries
  • Decide what tone of voice, approach, format, timing and energy is best for each situation
  • Tailor your approach depending upon trust and how important the situation is for you
  • Create a clear, simple, well-thought out strategy for difficult boundaries scenarios
  • Plan ahead for possible obstacles or pushback
  • Recognize drama games for what they are so you can hold the line, without caving
  • Uncover any pesky self-sabotaging in this area and create a plan to overcome
  • Create an accountability safety net - for courage and motivation to follow-through
  • Learn how to set boundaries with the toughest person out there...your self!

The beta includes:

  • Well over $700 worth of coaching
  • 4 self-paced video modules in short, easy-to-digest lessons
  • worksheets, tip sheets and homework 
  • 6 weeks of video group coached calls with opportunity for personalized coaching
  • a private online forum
  • a safe, supportive, encouraging and motivating group environment 

The pilot course starts January 7, 2017. I will notify you by December 27th whether you've been selected into the free beta or not. By applying, you are giving me permission to contact you about the course, whether you are selected or not. There is no fee to be a part of the beta course, but you will be required to participate and fill out surveys throughout the course for feedback.  If you have a good experience, I will be gratefully asking you for a testimonial.

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My name is Patti Villalobos. I am a former therapist, current Integrative Couch and Workshop Facilitator. That means I help people align their BEing (thoughts, values, beliefs) with their DOing (actions, habits) and their CONNECTing (to self, others and their spirituality). I've worked with families, adults, teens and businesses in many areas including boundaries and integrity. For more on me, go here...