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harness the power of your mind

Mindfulness. It's more than a buzzword, and it doesn't just belong to wisdom traditions. It's a way of being and is accessible to everyone. Research shows it actually changes the way your brain works over time(1). What if you could use regular mindfulness practices to:

  • develop greater resilience(2) so you could bend without breaking in tough times
  • improve your memory by calming the harmful effects of chronic stress(2,3)
  • turbocharge your journey to freedom from depression(5)
  • shape your brain away from reactiveness, false thinking, fight-flight-fear(4) towards greater peace and well-being

Make It Interesting, Make it a Habit

Mindfulness is a practice, not an event. You create change over time. It doesn't have to be hard or super time-consuming. It just needs to be consistent. 

Let me help you with engaging guided meditations that help you focus your attention, and structured courses that help you build the consistent habit. 


Free Resources

New to meditation or just want to get a taste? Check out these free visualizations. Download the recording...sit back...relax...and listen as my words paint a picture for you...

During a rough transition, the reality of what I was going through kept awakening me in the night. The coaching with Patti has been extraordinary, letting me overcoming battles with positive mindfulness. Adding the sleep meditation was a great resource in my journey to restoring tranquility, and regaining a full night’s sleep.
— Daniel Wright

a la Carte

Greater self-confidence. Bolstering your inner sense of worthiness. Calming a specific fear. Retraining yourself out of waking at 2AM. The A La Carte meditations allow you to connect with the part of you that is ready to grow, strengthen and heal more fully in a pinpointed, specific area. 

These professional(6) recordings include background theta beats which help put you into a deeper learning and relaxed state; or delta beats which help put you into a deep sleep state.


Classes & Series

These courses are great supporting practices* to shape your brain towards greater peace and well-being, away from chronic stress, anxiety, depression, agitation or illness.

Over time, you can tame the "inner watchdog," that part of your brain that is constantly scanning for danger and triggering non-useful reactions. You'll get daily meditations and exercises, to help calm the inner watchdog out of hypervigilance, and build a strong foundation for resilience.

*should not be instead of medical or psychological treatment - use these to make your current treatment better!

(1) Andrew Newberg, MD. "How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain." 2016 Neuroscience Training Summit (2016: Sounds True Inc.)

(2) Daniel Siegel, MD. "Neural Integration at the Heart of Well Being." 2016 Neuroscience Training Summit (2016, Sounds True Inc.)

(3) Daniel Amen, MD. "Change Your Brain, Change Your Life." as presented at 2016 Neuroscience Training Summit (2016, Sounds True, Inc.)

(4) Jeffery Schwartz, MD. "Mindfulness, the Brain & Leadership." as presented at the 2016 Neuroscience Training Summit (2016, Sounds True, Inc.)

(5) Mark Williams, John Teasdale, Zindel Segal and Jon Kabat-Zinn. The Mindful Way through Depression: Freeing Yourself From Chronic Unhappiness. (2007, The Guilford Press, New York).

(6) I was ASCH (American Society of Clinical Hypnosis) certified in my therapy days, and have much experience creating guided meditations, visualizations, self-hypnosis recordings, etc.


Free meditations

These meditations use visualization (and your breath) as your focus. To get the most from them:

  • Do NOT listen to these while driving! You want to be able to fully immerse.
  • Listen to them repeatedly to build up the mindfulness habit. I suggest you start with once a day for 7 days. Then just notice what's different for you.
  • Wear headphones.
  • Know that YOU are always in control in any guided vision or meditation!

5 1/2 Minute Body Scan

Mindfulness helps train your nervous system into a relaxed state so you can avoid being provoked by all the chaotic stimuli out there. Seems like that's a skill we're all going to have to learn, eh?

Mindfulness lets you be in the moment, accessing your best resources, instead of racing into an anxious future or stuck in a depressing past.

It is a PRACTICE, but you start a practice ONE MOMENT AT A TIME. Start with this free, highly relaxing body scan meditation. You can do this one anywhere you can close your eyes for 5 1/2 minutes. Try listening once a day for 7 days and see if you notice any differences.

Own Your Energetic Space (Boundaries)

Step into it.
Expand into
the You that you are becoming.
Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Deflect what isn't yours.
Embrace what is good for you.
Define your own parameters.
Shrink for no one.

Hold space for your self.


Sleepy Waves - Relax to Sleep Meditation

You've finally gotten to the end of the day, and you swear you were exhausted an hour earlier. But now, as you turn off the light, your mind races and sleepiness is long gone. 

You can't create a hard stop - one minute watching the news while answering emails, and the next minute fast asleep. Set yourself up for success by creating a transition zone into sleep, a period of shifting that signals to your body and brain that "now we sleep." 

Try using this short relaxation mediation every night for 7 days, as part of your transition zone. As you listen to the waves and follow this relaxing visualization, you'll be slowing your brain down so that sleep can come more easily. Ahhhh...


A La Carte Meditations

Back To Sleep Please Meditation
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Back to Sleep, Please

It's 2AM and BOING! Your eyes pop open. "No, no, not again!." You try to sneak back into the depths of slumber...but it's too late. Your worry brain has awakened and starts chattering. Loudly. What do you do? Toss and turn in frustration? Get onto your smart phone and really disrupt your sleep? 

What if instead you could listen to a soothing meditation designed to pull you back down into sleep mode. Background delta waves help entrain your brain to deep sleep, as foreground words gently hold your racing mind's attention lightly until you fall...back...asleep. 

60 minutes, background delta waves


You Got This - Self-Confidence Builder

You want to do something important to you. Build a business. Start a family. Run a marathon. Write a book. But the gremlins of self-doubt keep gnawing at your confidence. 

"I'll do it once I feel confident." Well, that's backwards, because you get the feeling of self-assurance after you take action and SEE your proof of your abilities and competence.

That means sometimes you have to act before you feel like it!

This meditation helps build your confidence by motivating you towards taking steady action towards achievable goals.  You got this, honey...you really do.

15 minutes, background theta waves


Irrefutable Self Worth

While self-confidence is more about what you can do, self-worth is about knowing your absolute, irrefutable worthiness as a human being...regardless of what you accomplish.

When you have a sense of deep inner worthiness at your core, you can be at peace and experience true joy regardless of circumstances. Boundaries become easy and self-care a no-brainer. 

Help overcome any conditioning to the contrary with this meditation. It will connect you to a divine spark within (with no religious references), and reinforce the truth of your irrefutable self worth.