The edges of what you'll allow. The framework for your integrity. The intelligent interface between you and the world.  

If your boundaries are good, you are powerful: you know your healthy limits, you ask for and receive what's good, you keep out what isn't, and you only accept what's worthy of you.

If your boundaries are not good, you give your power away: relationships don't work well, you get resentful or lonely and feel like a victim, and your dreams die because you aren't protecting them.

Become the boss of your boundaries and you become the boss of your life...

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Boundaries for Sensitives

Most creatives are highly sensitive...even empathic. It fuels their writing, their painting, their design. But if you don't have good, healthy boundaries, your work will flounder and you'll feel confused, exhausted or worse. This 3 lesson course helps you find the places you need better creative boundaries, and gives you tools to detach from your work and to own your creative space in this world.



So much more than just a boundaries group. Get to the heart of why you sabotage yourself, where you give your power away, where you don't let in what's good for you...and make real and lasting change.

Holly Wyse   Novelist and Copywriter

Holly Wyse

Novelist and Copywriter

Take Charge of your life

"Want to take a short cut through years of counselling? Start here! Creating boundaries requires courage. Not only does Patti help you find the courage to make healthy decisions, she gives you the confidence to enforce them

She teaches a fresh approach, and you learn how to get clear on what your biggest boundary issues are. And guess what--those big issues aren't what you think they are! Using Patti's workbook and videos you uncover what is really going on at the root of a situation. 

She cuts right through the excuses you try to tell yourself (and others!) and has you facing yourself in a completely honest and refreshing way. 

My biggest takeaway was a section on rewriting old stories. Seriously, The course is life-changing on that alone!

I am leaving the class with new-found confidence, a clearer picture of myself and a proud owner of a new skills to help navigate future situations. I grew closer with my spouse, became a better parent, shifted and sifted friendships, took on new risks and removed myself from tasks and projects that were draining me

If you want to take charge of your life then you need to learn to Set Boundaries Like a Boss!"