...so much more than any personality profile you've ever done before.

...so much more than any personality profile you've ever done before.

My COREMAP™ gave me in-depth understanding of my internal wiring, and others’ motivations. Through Patti’s facilitation, I became more aware of my natural personality traits that serve me well, conditioned traits that get in the way, and an awareness of other people’s traits. All this enhanced my personal and professional relationships.

I use this awareness on a daily basis now. The insights afforded when operating on all cylinders is one thing; it’s when the stars are not aligned with other people, places, and things - and what those traits look like – that make this coaching is invaluable.

Olie Jolstad
Principal - Business Owner

COREMAP™ Personality Profile & Coached Session

an enlightening, in-depth, coached session where we create a personalized strategy around the powerful COREMAP™ profile.

You'll learn your:

  • Personality type - your traits and who you relate to best

  • Emotional Intelligence - how well you relate to others

  • Development Levels - your areas for greatest potential

  • Coping Patterns - what you do under stress and pressure


  • know your strengths so you can be in your best energy instead of feeling drained

  • see past conditioned behavior…things you may be really good at, but that don’t bring you joy

  • discover underdeveloped innate strengths where it is worth your time and effort to grow

  • understand how you react under stress so you can develop better coping responses

  • communicate with others in a way you can be heard

  • be in better integrity as you align your thoughts / ideals / emotions and actions


  • your detailed, personalized COREMAP™ report

  • 1.5 hours of coaching where we work together to understand your COREMAP™ results and apply them to your current goals

  • an understanding of how you get along with other CORE types and how to approach them (whether in sales, your boss, your children or your spouse)

  • clarity about how you may be sabotaging yourself so you can do something more effective

  • a roadmap prioritizing where you can most easily get the best “bang for your buck” according to your hardwiring and desire to learn new skills (vs. spending time and energy in areas that will feel draining and like an uphill battle)


Unless we’ve worked something out as part of a bigger coaching package, this 1.5 hour session is:


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photo credit: with gratitude to Anastasia Petrova on Unsplash