People don’t buy products…they invest in relationships. In this age of constant information bombardment, savvy consumers are skeptical of hype. To be successful, you need to build relationships. To be successful, you have to be able to connect deeply.


How do you do this?


NOT the self you portray on social media. NOT the self you think you’re supposed to be. Your real Self. That’s where your strengths are, and that’s where you are most attractive to your potential clients.


Next, you have to know how to connect with others in a meaningful way…even when others have different personalities and viewpoints. You have to hear and be heard.


Finally, get past fears and barriers you have around authentic connection, sales and relationships.

a 1/2 day live workshop to connect with yourself so that you can deeply connect with

a 1/2 day live workshop to connect with yourself so that you can deeply connect with

Wow...I am feeling empowered today! Thank you...thank you. I truly feel like I am not hanging onto those old stories anymore - not one little bit!!!

Lisa Kelly, Account Manager - Airplane Parts Sales


Get a very clear picture of who you are and what your strengths are with a personalized COREMAP™ profile.

Understand your blind spots so you can do something about them

Learn how to communicate with people of all different personality types in a way you can be heard

Engage in a powerful process for identifying and clearing out old beliefs that hold you back from creating authentic and effective business relationships

Gain practical tools to keep those self-sabotaging voices at bay


$1200 for 1/2 day workshop (up to 10 people at a time)

$225 per person for COREMAP™ profile and review

E.g., 7 people = $2775


photo credits: with gratitude to RawPixel on Unsplash