When Not Just Any HOPE Will Do


If you’ve faced no adversity, then hope is easy. If you’ve faced some adversity, hope is necessary to keep moving. If you’ve faced much adversity, to hope is the most courageous thing you can do.

But not just any hope. The wishful thinking of youth gives way to a mature hope rooted in experience. This isn’t a delicate soap bubble of “wouldn’t it be nice” that you float out on a whim.


No, because hope means “the expectation of a desired outcome,” it means you DARE TO EXPECT SOMETHING GOOD…regardless of what has happened in the past. Mature hope doesn’t dole out that kind of vulnerable trust without having deep internal roots.

And here’s where your soul work comes in…deepening those roots.

Roots of FAITH that nothing is permanent, so whatever pain or lack you have going on now is also impermanent. Roots of BELIEVING in the inherent GOODNESS OF LIFE, even when it sucks at the moment. Roots of TRUTH, as you realize that needing someone else to change in order for you to be happy isn’t really hoping; it’s giving your power away.

What is your work?

Mature hope requires you to believe even when you don’t feel it, and to risk disappointment for the 10th or 10,000th time.  It requires you to energetically commit to holding a vision of something better, even when you don’t have the energy. It requires you to surrender into a higher flow of good, even when you don’t quite believe it. That is your work.

And that, my friends, requires incredible courage.