3 Steps for Grounding in Chaotic times

We live in interesting times.

Sometimes even heartbreaking times. We barely catch our breath before another story of children dying or another video of unthinkable acts of inhumanity assaults us. 

It can feel like the very earth beneath our feet is crumbling. And maybe, in a way, it is. Old structures and beliefs collapse under the weight of their lack of sustainability. "That's just the way it is" falls away to allow innovation and creativity to eventually bear new and more healthy fruit.

But it can be disorienting and heartbreaking and downright tragic in the meantime. In the midst of that chaos, how do you stay grounded so you don't swirl into the confusion or shut down in fear?

3 Steps to Being Grounded In Chaotic Times

  1. Stop and be still. Find your center. This can take as long as you need, but it isn't an optional step. My most epic, fear-based flails (I like that term rather than "fail!") have been when I've rushed in and reacted instead of taking the time to center.
  2. Allow your feelings without amplifying them or denying them. Emotions are energy in motion. Just let the energy come and go. Honor your turbulent feelings, but don't give them a permanent guest room in your heart.
  3. Take inspired action, then let go the outcome. Maybe that's 2 steps. For me, though, I  have to tie them together lest I become obsessed about the results and decide I can ONLY be okay if it turns out my way.

Let's talk about number 3. We are never completely helpless or powerless. We may not be able to control an external condition directly, but we can affect how we react. We can lobby, write letters, march, hold prayer vigils, volunteer, donate, meditate, pray, educate ourselves, calm others, research truth, inspire others or simply let go with a prayer. Whatever you choose is yours according to your current energy levels, resources, abilities, divine guidance and values.

The key is to come from a grounded place, be aware of what you are choosing, and to let go of the outcome knowing you've done your best at this moment.

This living and expanding in the current stormy energetic weather is not for sissies. We are courageous for choosing to be here. Let's put more emphasis on our BE-ing, in order to allow our DO-ing to be useful, heart-centered service and not fearful, reaction.

You've got this...