WHY do some people break during adversity, and some people bounce back (eventually)...stronger and wiser?


Resilience says, "you can bend me, but you cannot break me."
It says, "I will not go under in rough waters...I will be buoyant and allow the tide to carry me."
It whispers, "things may never be the same, but they just might be better someday."

Can you:

  • stay realistically optimistic despite the crazy going on around you?
  • persevere when things get tough?
  • be happy even when you aren't where you want to be?

Resilience helps you buffer against stress. It's a mindset over limiting beliefs. But it's also a set of grounded practices for daily life. The times I've been the most resilient, I can look back and see that I've been surrounded by people who've supported me; I've maintained a daily mindfulness or mediation practice; and I've made small, positive, daily steps towards something meaningful.

It's what's moved me through the radical shift of sobriety, the grief of losing a parent, the upheaval of changing jobs, the disappointment of dreams not realized, the relentless stress of an unbalanced chronic illness, the drain of other people's drama, the exhaustion of caregiving, and the blackness of depression.

Building a Life Worth Living

And yet...I am who I am precisely because of what I've been through! The joyful experiences of my life are sweeter, my relationships more authentic and real, my faith more unshakeable, and I am stronger and wiser than I've ever been!

We don't always get to choose the path we're on. But we DO get to choose whether we permanently break, or (eventually) build a soaring life of better...stronger...wiser.

You really do get to choose.

Choose small, positive, daily steps forward. 

You've got this...