Baby, I've Got Your Back (...Being your Own BFF)

I remember a time, a while back, when I realized that deep inside, there was a part of me that didn't trust me! Years of less than self-honoring choices in career and relationships had created a confusing inner world of conflict. Part of me would say "yes" to a new, exciting path; another created inventive ways to impede forward progress because, well, look what happened in the past.

Moving forward meant honoring, and then realigning, the misguided intent of all parts ... even the little saboteur. AND only from there could I regain self-trust so she wouldn't have to toss a grenade in the works to "keep us safe." 

You regain trust with yourself just like you do with anyone else: by acting trustworthy over time. One day you notice that the cumulative effect of saying 'yes' to what is good for you, and 'no' to what isn't, has shifted you in subtle, yet PROFOUND ways. You can now trust your instinct, hear your own wisdom. It becomes easier to say 'no' to the all-chunky-monkey-ice-cream diet. Easier to set boundaries. Small choices, over time. Big results.

Trust yourself forward. You've got this...