About Me...

What would you like to know?

I am a Personal and Professional Coach for leaders who want to purposefully create a resilient culture. I do this through coaching around Emotional Intelligence, Communication and Team Building. 

I believe RESILIENCE is the number one capacity people and successful companies will need in the upcoming years of uncertainty. My passion is teaching and helping groups come together to succeed. This happens when talented people operate as their most mature, authentic selves. Mix in crucial emotional intelligence skills so they can navigate any challenge that arises, and you can create powerhouse teams.

Maybe you want to know about my experience...

I have worked with a few folks.

I've led several thousands of people in self-help seminars, and logged around 14,000 hours in 1:1 sessions between 2005 and 2016.  I had my own private practice as a psychotherapist from 2005-2013, before switching exclusively to coaching.

And I use some powerful tools.

As a therapist, I used everything from cognitive behavior to hypnosis to family modalities. Now, in my coaching - I've added several certifications.  This includes the most insightful personality profile, and the most powerful limiting belief removing protocol I've ever used. (I don't say these things lightly, because I'm not easily impressed by hype. They really are good.)

Maybe You Want to Know How I got Here?

Good question. Back before I knew what a COREMAP™ Personality Profile was, I was a computer programmer. Don’t wasn't exactly a great personality fit!

Always Drawn to Leadership & People Development.

Because I LOVED developing people, I ended up in leadership positions, culminating as R&D Director for over 250 engineers at a telecom company. Even after getting a Master’s in Counseling, I held leadership roles like Executive Director and Program Development Director for a non-profit.

I've also been an entrepreneur since 2005, a 1:1 coach, and an online course creator around boundaries, conflict management and other emotional intelligence skills.

It’s here that I help leaders and their teams stay in their integrity and power regardless of how the world is shifting around them. It's the space that marries powerful people, pragmatic tools, courageous action, clear communication, and cohesive team-building. 

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Why am I so passionate about this?

Want to know why I am so passionately drawn to helping leaders anchor these skills into their teams? Look, I know what it's like to give my heart and soul to a business or organization, only to be disillusioned by drama, disorganization and a dysfunctional culture. 

I've been that person...trying to find and hold her own truth in the dysfunction. I've also been the manager either unwittingly contributing to the churn, or trying to hold the line against the storm.

It's exhausting

And life is too short and the cost is too high to swim against that tide! There are a lot of pressing problems out there to be solved...but they don't get better when an organization isn't healthy. Been there, done that...and paid a high price in my own health for it.

The bigger picture...

When it comes down to it,  I absolutely believe, that we  - all of us on this planet right now - are being called to evolve and grow forward. To move past our brain’s maddening tendency to lay down neural networks that hyper-remember and expand fear in the name of "survival." To get past the drama of reactiveness. To learn how to be who we really came here to be, and contribute meaningfully to this world. 

Leaders who master emotional intelligence purposefully create healthy business cultures.

Healthy business cultures allow good people to reach their potential, to grow, thrive, contribute, innovate, create, provide for their families and provide value for the world.

But even more importantly, a healthy business culture becomes the training ground for listening to other people who think differently, for facing adversity and for finding common solution.  

And we definitely need more of this in the world

Take a look out there...we desperately need more people who can truly listen and lead by example. Who can create unity on teams that come together to solve big problems. Who can help us evolve into our collective future.

This IS a journey worth taking.

Patti has incredible insight and agility in seeing what I need and being able to deliver it. She helped me get through things that years of studying and multiple coaches weren’t able to. Patti has such a calm manner; I know she always has my best interests at heart. I feel totally comfortable with her and confident she can help. I highly recommend her!
— Michelle Lenox - Retired Managing Director IT Consulting

Patti Villalobos, former therapist, current Executive Resilience Coach, writer and teacher. She helps leaders teams OWN THEIR POWER via EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, COMMUNICATION and EFFECTIVE TEAM creation; so they can create resilient and healthy cultures where good people thrive Her engaging style integrates both practical instruction and deep insight as she taps into her vast experience as a high-tech R&D Director, a former licensed therapist, and a large group workshop facilitator. She is a certified RAMP™ and COREMAP™ practitioner, a Being a Love & Logic® Parent Facilitator, and self-study geek around neuroscience and brain change.

She holds an M.Ed in Counseling from the University of North Texas, and a BS from the University of Texas at Dallas. She loves hiking, cooking, yoga, running, meditation, traveling, art and hanging out on the beach. She lives outside of Dallas, Texas, with her best friend and husband, Robert, and one delightful, curly-haired canine named Twizzler.