Get the tools and coaching you need to OWN YOUR POWER. Boundaries. Mindfulness. Resilience.


Times are chaotic. You don't have to be. 

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Can you CONFIDENTLY set boundaries to guard what's important?

Boundaries are *KEY* to owning your power! Can you:

  • say no without feeling bad?
  • say yes to what's good for you?
  • ...even in tricky relationships?

Your boundaries keep you safe in the world and allow you to maintain good energy for yourself and your dreams. That's how you protect what's most important to you. 

Here's a first step: understand where you might have holey boundaries with this free tool.

for more boundaries resources go HERE


Can you be at PEACE, even in the chaos?  

Mindfulness lets you be in the moment, accessing your best resources, instead of racing into an anxious future or stuck in a depressing past. Can you:

  • be present instead of avoiding or reacting in hard times?
  • focus on what's important instead of all the distractions?

Mindfulness is much more than just a buzzword. It's a powerful tool for rewiring your brain towards better calm, peace and health.

It is a practice, but you start a practice one moment at a time. Start with this free body scan meditation. Try listening once a day for 7 days and notice the difference. 

for more mindfulness resources go HERE


Can you rebound from adversity stronger and wiser?

Resilience is how you bounce back so life's difficulties don't break you. Can you:

  • stay realistically optimistic despite the crazy going on around you?
  • persevere when things get tough?
  • be happy even when you aren't where you want to be...yet?

Resilience helps you buffer against stress. It's a mindset over limiting beliefs and a set of grounded practices for daily life. Check out this free tool to help you sort through mind static to figure out your next best step during times of overwhelm.

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Who is

Patti Villalobos?


Patti Villalobos. Facilitator, Coach and Course developer. Lifelong student in this crazy dance we call Life.

Her passion is helping you OWN YOUR POWER.

Own your boundaries. Own the space you take up in this world and accept the responsibility to expand into who you are supposed to be. Teach your children and teach yourself how to bounce back from adversity and be a force for creativity and good....regardless of what's going on around you.

Be resilient. 

Be your best self.

Her engaging classes integrate practical instruction and deep insight as she taps into her vast experience as a high-tech R&D Director, a former licensed therapist, and a large group workshop facilitator. She is a certified RAMP(TM) and CORE MAP(TM) practitioner, a Being a Love & Logic(R) Parent Facilitator, and self-study geek around neuroscience and brain change.

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